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STEP 1. TO create a BATCH FILE.Type the code and save it as" hack.bat"

After scripting the file,it will look something like this.

Just open the cmd and and look at the default path .Here it is C:\Users\user>.So navigate this path through your Windows Explorer.

When you reach the path specified in the CMD,place your batch file there.See the picture for more details.

After placing that file, again take CMD and type "hack" .I have given the name hack.bat for my file.You should specify the file name that you gave.

After the execution of the file.it will look something like this.So you have successfully created a batch file.It will fun to play with batch file if you know how to code it properly.Batch files are sequence of commands for computer operating system.So you should be aware of these codes properly.It will lead you system to malfunction if it is not coded properly.



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