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Failure to Boot: 20

By Adarsh Sree Adhi posted July 30, 2015

After opening the robot's front panel and looking inside, you discover a small red button behind a tangle of wires. Pressing the button lights up the robot's primary screen. It glows black and quickly flashes blue. A line of small text types out:

ERROR: 0x00000023
The text refreshes and displays the prompt:

ANS: You may have noticed this Error log when you had suddently removed a flash-drive from your computer.In such a situation the computer will  create an error log because of the  problem  in FastFat.sys driver.So the extension of the file is FAT 

Read the Manual: 30

By Adarsh Sree Adhi posted July 30, 2015

On the back of the broken panel you see a recovery manual. You need to find the emergency repair key in order to put the robot into autoboot mode, but it appears to be ciphered using a Caesar cipher.

Ans:In that question a link named "manual" is there.You should decrypt that entire text of file into a readable format.To do so take the help of an online decrypter.The one I used is decrypters use a key-value,don't worry just put that put that to "guess" and hit the decrupt button.The key value willbe displayed along with a stream of text. 


By Adarsh Sree Adhi posted July 30, 2015

The book has instructions on how to dump the corrupted configuration file from the robot's memory. You find a corrupted XML file and are looking for a configuration key.

This is the most simple problem that a CTF player will face.To find the key value is very simple.Click the link "XML",you will be directed too page that contains an error message.Actually the key value is hidden within the page.After the page is loaded press CTRL+U, you will see a flag value and thats your answer.

Technician Challenge: 30

By John Smith posted July 30, 2015

The spaceport technician waves to you and you approach him. He tells you that he has noticed you walking around suspiciously. He adds that he knows the door code and is willing to give it to you for answering a small trivia question.
For what kind of car was the first unlocked iPhone traded?

ANS: Friends...Its just a G.K question.A 17 year old boy first unlocked an Apple device,in return he got a NISSAN 350Z.

Try Them All!: 45

By Adarsh Sree Adhi posted July 30, 2015

You have found a passwd file containing salted passwords. An unprotected configuration file has revealed a salt of 5022. The hashed password for the 'admin' user appears to be 43664cbac03660ad347b24d85e15f847, try to brute force this password.

Just seek the help of a decrypter that can decode the hashed password.Here I am using . Give the hash code along with the salt suffixed value "5022".When we hit the button ,the password will be displayed as text
Ans: shiny 

GETKey: 50

By Adarsh Sree Adhi posted July 30, 2015

There's bound to be a key on the spaceport's hidden website.

This is little bit tricky and you should have little wareness of how POST and GET of php works.When you click the link a page loads with a GET button.Just hit the button and you will notice a change in the address bar.
You will need to change the admin value and competition to true and picoctf respectively.What we are actually doing is that we are manually gaining permission to the web rather than making an authorised access.After changing the URL it looks something like this.

CFG to C: 70

By Adarsh Sree Adhi posted July 30, 2015

Wouldn't it be cool to be able to have one of these patrol drones to do your bidding?! Figure out the correct sequence of C functions from the following control flow graphs and you should be well on your way.
Submit the correct order of functions.

To solve this kind of matches,first try out the easy ones and match them out.You can see that 4th question is a match for A since it contains an "idiv" which normally returns the remainder and there is no code snippet that could take the remainder. So 4-A.
Similarily a comparison is done against 0 in the option 1 which matches with B.Thus we match 1-B
Next,have a look at thrid one...A looping stement is running which is indicated by arrow back to func:8048525.We have already matched a while loop statement with the first one.So the existing statement that contains a loop is D. Hence the answer is 3-D
Finally match the one which is existing.So here goes your answer