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Hi guys ....I am Adarsh Sree Adhi.Expecting you to know more about me. I’ve been into computer programming from my 10 th Starndard onwards...At first it was JAVA....then at higher secondary it was C++.....but I am focusing on Cyber domain, even though it usually looks like I’m doing online business-y enterprise” and development. For an year ago, I’ve done my course Major in Web-Exploitation and Penetration testing. It was a strange and somewhat accidental niche, but one that actually involved working on cool things languages like C/C++, VB, HTML,Php/MySQL. I am a great fan of Laravel framework which I love to code with.I am a fan of Python too.I love to do stuffs with Kali-Linux Penetration testing.After my B-Tech I would like to do M-Tech Programme  in  Cyber-Security Systems and Networks.At first I was crazy about hacking and all.Tons and tons of codes,showers of binary numbers one after the other.The Art of Exploitation really made me to be in such a world.Now I am working hard for attaining my dreams come true.